The San Mateo Regional Network, Inc. provides specialized telecommunications services for government and business in Northern California.  We are a facilities-based provider of unique and custom Internet services (AS19355). SMRN also develops software and systems for the analysis of intelligence information including social network analytics and facial photograph recognition.

The SMRN network is widely used in demanding markets that include government and non-traditional telecommunications companies. Law enforcement agencies, fire departments and emergency medical service providers rely on SMRN for mission critical services. SMRN provides IP network and managed services tailored to solve key IT business issues for its customers, including business continuity, disaster recovery, and security.

SMRN enables the enterprise to grow and scale their operations by providing specialized telecommunications solutions to complex problems. An aggressive and agile player in the industry, SMRN provides security, performance, scalability and reliability through a wealth of interconnected services designed to facilitate information exchange.

SMRN provides an alternative to local carriers through a dedicated private network that helps manage risk and extend access, by providing physical diversity, a choice of vendors, and a broader range of regional services.